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Tales from the Garden


Masks, music and comic mayhem abound as Nancy Potato and George Beanstalk explore a woodland haven in their backyard.

When these two curious characters find themselves magically transported to a magnified world of their own garden they discover amazing things about the insects and animals around them and even a thing or two about themselves!

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Are apples ever hungry? Do fish dance? Can a tuba be born?

Imaginarius is the result of an international co-production that combines the mask techniques of Theatre Beyond Words with the puppetry skills of Argentinean puppetry company Omar Alvarez Titeres. Already an international hit, Imaginarius has also won awards for its original musical score, puppets and prop design.

Imaginarius is a non-verbal creation of illusion and fantasy where ordinary objects come alive. Inspired by the surrealist paintings of Rene Magritte, Imaginarius is a story about the power of imagination and learning to accept differences in others. Imaginarius is appropriate for all ages and will trigger everyone's creativity!


Created by: Theatre Beyond Words (Canada) and Omar Alvarez Titeres (Argentina)
Directed by: Kevin Stewart and Omar Alvarez

Background Information:

First produced in 2005

May 2006 - CANADA, Toronto

March-April 2006 - CANADA, Ontario
Toured regions throughout Ontario with the Canadian cast.

December 2005 - CANADA, St. Catharines
Canadian Premiere at the Sullivan-Mahoney Courthouse Theatre in St. Catharines

September 2005 - CANADA, Montreal
Preview showcase at the 15th World Congress and Festival of the Arts of ASSITEJ INTERNATIONAL.


International Theatre Awards from the University of Buenos Aires:
Creation and Interpretation of the Musical Score for composer Gustavo 'Popi' Spatocco
Design of Puppets and Props for Gladys Garnica 


For further information and booking outside of North America please visit the following:

South America: Omar Alvarez Titeres

Europe & Asia: Katarsis Theatre & Education Company


A story of a father and a daughter in their quest for truth and understanding. Told with gentle humour through the eyes of five enthusiastic circus clowns in a Commedia dell'Arte style.

Sabela's mother died whenshe was little. Now a teenager, Sabela is determined to know more about her past. What is the secret Sabela's father is keeping? Will India, the elephant, teach them how to communicate? How will the circus survive this family crisis?

Background Information:
First produced in 2002 

2002-2003 Ontario Tour


The beautiful and moving story of a young boy who chooses, at great personal risk, to speak the truth from his heart. An inspiring show for family audiences brimming with the pagentry of medieval court.

Created by: Theatre Beyond Words & du Maurier Arts Ltd.
Adapted by: John Lazarus from the book by Seymour Leichman
Directed By: Robin Patterson
Co-Directed By: Guy Bannerman

Background Information:
First produced in 1990
1990 Ontario Tour
1992 Ontario Tour

"...a lavish ode against foolish battles, set in times when miracles were marvelled over rather then explained."  Buffalo News